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We care about the happiness of our customers and in addition to a wide range of quality sofas; we also bring a unique customer service. As the only one in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, we provide a free service for all our current and future customers.

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Frequently asked questions

I want to put together my own sofa suite and calculate the price; can you tell me how to do it?

Our sofas are made according to individual orders, with the suite and cover of your choice. Each model can be put together with different dimensions using respective components. The designs of components are shown with individual models in the left menu section Dimensions. Sofas can be made with fabrics chosen from 5 price and quality groups, with leatherette or leather. For each model in the menu, there is a Price List. In the Price List, you can find prices of individual components divided into columns according to the selected cover material. Above the columns there are the names of these covers. Thus, for the calculation of the final price, it is necessary to add the prices of individual components with your selected type of cover material. From this we have to subtract current discount and the result is the final price of the sofa suite. We will be pleased if you contact us through the online chat, we will help you with calculating the price.

How am I supposed to care for the leather sofa that has just been delivered to us?

Your sofa still smells new, but it needs immediate care. Leather has not been impregnated in the manufactory, which is why you get an impregnating agent with your sofa free of charge. After the sofa is delivered and unpacked, it needs to be impregnated with this agent, which thanks to a UV filter, antioxidant a camauba wax keeps the leather pleasant to touch and creates a transparent layer that protects leather from wiping and fading and enables better cleaning. We recommend another impregnation after ca. 6 months. In our offer you can find special foam cleaners and leather care kits that contain an impregnating agent and foam cleaner that effectively removes all dirt and stains.

I am interested in a leather sofa, what can I choose, how many types of leather do you offer?

We offer thin leather with a thickness of 0.9 – 1.1 mm and thick leather with a thickness of 1.3 – 1.5 mm. Not all models can be made with thick leather. The models with any kind of positioning mechanisms can be made only with thin leather. The reason why we do not recommend making certain types of sofas with thick leather is a possible creasing of leather when positioning the sofa. Thin leather if of sufficient quality and strength, there is no reason to be afraid of using it to make a sofa.

What are the steps when filing a claim?

On our website, in the Claims section, you can find a form that you have to fill in and send to the provided e-mail address to file a claim. If necessary, our staff in the store where you ordered your sofa will readily help you to fill in the form. When we receive the form, our colleague from Claims department will contact you as soon as possible and she will arrange with you a visit of our Service Technician and further steps of solving your claim.

I would like to have my sofa reupholstered; is such a service possible and what would be the price?

Yes, we offer this service for models made by our company. If you are interested in reupholstering, you can find out its price on the e-mail address servis@sedackyphase.sk. In your e-mail, state the exact characteristics of the model that you have at home as well as information on what material you would like to use for reupholstering. We will do our best to meet your requirements in the shortest time possible.

I would like to buy a corner sofa, how should I make my choice?

You can find our offer of corner sofas on the website after clicking SOFAS – CORNER SOFAS on the main panel. A corner version can be made for each of the models we offer. By clicking the picture with the name of the model, you open the GALLERY of suites with various possibilities of compositions and different cover materials. After clicking the picture of the sofa in the Gallery, you will find out the dimensions and composition of the sofa, i. e. the components used for given dimensions. Then it depends only on you which model you are interested in and which you will choose to create your suite with requested dimensions. Each model is variable and it can be made into an L-shape with different composition and dimensions.

Where are PHASE sofas made?

Phase sofas are made in western Slovakia. Since the company Phase is the producer as well as the seller of sofas under its own brand, it is our priority to make quality sofas, whether it is the inner parts of sofas, or their upholstering with chosen cover materials. Because the sofas are our own products, we can afford to provide the customers with after-warranty service of highest quality. We also have qualified professional, really willing and beyond helpful staff in our stores.

Where can I see your sofas myself?

Phase sofas are sold solely in our own chain of showrooms. We have 8 stores in Slovakia. You can not only look at our sofas, but also try and order them in these towns: Bratislava, Trenčín, Nitra, Trnava, Žilina, Banská Bystrica, Poprad and Košice. You can find further information on each store – location, map, GPS coordinates, opening hours, telephone number and e-mail – on our website, in the CONTACTS section – Stores. You will display the information by clicking the name of the town. In the Czech Republic, we have gradually established 10 showrooms; you can find them in Prague, Říčany, Plzeň, České Budějovice, Pardubice, Hradec Králové, Liberec, Brno, Zlín, Olomouc and Ostrava.

Is it possible to change the sofas in stock ready to collect, as regards their components or cover material?

The sofas pictured on our website in the Sofas in stock section are available only with the composition and cover that you see in the picture. If the customer is interested in the same model but with different characteristics, there is no problem to make it. There will be a different discount on this order than on a sofa in stock. If you are interested in buying a sofa in stock, you should contact a store that is the closest to the place of delivery, which will take care of the transport directly to the customer as well as the payment.

Is there an advance payment to be paid after the order and if so, in what amount?

By default, the customer is to pay an advance payment after placing their order, in the amount of 200.00 € – either in cash, by a credit card, or bank transfer. When the sofa is made, they will pay the rest of the amount, which can be paid either by a bank transfer, in cash in the store, or in cash to the driver when taking over the sofa.

Is it possible to buy a sofa on instalments?

Yes, it is possible to buy a sofa on instalments, through instalment companies Cetelem and Quatro. When you want to buy a sofa, you should bring your ID and one more document proving your identity (driver’s license or health insurance card). You will get exact conditions in any of our stores, where the sales assistants are trained by the employees of instalment companies for this kind of sale and where there are appropriate computer systems.

When will my sofa be completed and delivered to my house?

The exact delivery date will be announced to you by phone by our sales assistants from the store where you ordered your sofa. They coordinate the delivery date with the Logistics and Production departments. They always have the most up-to-date information on whether your sofa is ready for shipping. Our assistants will inform you in exceptional cases about the delay of your delivery, of course with a proper explanation and information on further steps. In case you want to get information on the delivery date of your sofa, you can contact our assistants by e-mail or phone.

What is the delivery time of your sofas?

The delivery time is usually 6 – 9 weeks. You can track the production process of your sofa in our unique Order Tracking System, where you can see the percentage of completion of your sofa after entering your login and password. Our aim is to make a sofa to the satisfaction of the customer in the shortest time possible; however, there is to consider that the company Phase produces sofas only as per individual orders with components and covers individually chosen by customers, which means that each sofa is in fact an original.

Which fabric should I choose when I have small children or pets?

If you are looking for a cover material that is the most resistant to various stains and strong enough at the same time, you can choose from the Exclusive cover materials. In this category there are fabrics with technical treatment that ensure easy maintenance – if you make a solution from laundry soap and water, you can remove stains from oil, ketchup, mustard, wine, pen, lipstick, etc. These fabrics are non-permeable and the customer can choose a cover that looks like classic textile (Dock, Astoria), or a cover that looks at first sight like leather, but is more like suede to the touch (Napoleon, that belongs to the 1st price category).

Can I order a custom made sofa?

The variability of sofas allows their composition into different dimensions using components that are made for each model in a way that allows fitting the dimensions according to the needs. The pictures of components are shown with each model in the Dimensions section; these can be used to create a suite. The dimensions of components are exactly given by technical drawings and they cannot be changed, therefore it is not possible to change one of the components, to shorten it or lengthen it, or to give it a function that it does not have (storage room or unfolding mechanism).

Do you offer sofa beds with storage room?

In our offer we have models suited for regular sleeping, Boston and Palermo, which have a metal construction and a quality mattress suited for everyday unfolding. They can be made as a detached component to unfold as well as in L-shape. In case of a corner sofa, with these models you can choose to have the sofa made with a storage room or without it. A classic sofa bed from our offer is the sofa Panama that is suited for occasional sleeping; this sofa has no storage room available. All the other models offer the possibility to occasionally sleep on them after adding an ottoman to them, that way it is created a sufficient sleeping area suited for occasional sleeping.

What are the prices of sofas?

The price of the sofa always depends on what components the customer chooses for its production. For each model, there are always several components available, their dimensions and drawings can be found on our website with each sofa in the menu in the Dimensions section. In the Price List, you can find prices of components divided into columns according to the material the customer chooses for the production of their sofa. Above the columns there are the names of individual cover materials. To find out the final price of the sofa, it is necessary to add the prices of chosen components and consequently to subtract a current discount. We will be glad if you contact us through online chat, we will help you to calculate the price.

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