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Cleaning stuff

Renewal the beauty of your sofas in leather and fabric, while ensuring the long-term protection for your satisfaction.

To maintaining the aesthetic side of your sofa is important the regular care. In our offer, you can find the cleaning products for leather and fabric covers that provide lasting beauty for your sofa and extend its life cycle. Cleaning products for the treatment of the coating protects the surface fitting of the sofa and cleaning stuff reliably removes all common stains and dirt. Choose the right one for your sofa set:

RUKO – multifunction spray on the sofa Boston –prevents the creaking of friction of the metal parts

It again “sets in motion” all rusty corroded screws, bolts, nuts, tools, articulated hinges, drive, wheels etc. Protects all smooth surfaces and surfaces resistant to solvents, from the metal, plast, PVC, rubber, etc. It repels and removes moisture and condensation water, counteracts against the vicious and stray currents on cables, electrical connections and equipment, cabinet, ignition cables, etc. Lubricates and takes care of the finest mechanics, tools, machinery, locks, slideways and guide rails, wheels, pivots, articulated hinges, screw connections etc.

Impregnating spray on fabric NANO4LIFE

The product creates an impermeable fabric protection against stains and dirt, repels water and oil, whether in the living room is the not washable or washable sofa. Nano coating is invisible and does not affect the appearance and durability of the treated material, surface is easy to clean with water, it is anibacterial, harmless for human health, environmentally friendly, protects against fading due to UV radiation, resistant to all types of stains, extending the life of fabrics , saving time and money, it reduces the use of detergents by up to 90%.

Set on a leather treatment

The specially designed cleaning kit designed for regular treatment, leather furniture, made from natural color and white leather. Regular use considerably extends the life and beauty of your leather upholstery. Medium can not be used on nubuck leather, suede, velor.

Cleaner stuff fo leather

Gentle water-based cleaner, for the regular cleaning of all types of smooth natural leather. Thanks to the dry foam applicator, it ensures highly effective and gentle cleaning of all common stains and dirt.

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