Choose the coating material

Upholstery materials that we offer have been divided into different quality groups in order to help you with choosing the right material. Group 3, 2, 1, Exclusive and Exclusive VIP. Each group of material quality has also different price.

From all coating materials we are mostly recommended the covers from the group Exclusive and Exclusive VIP. The materials from these groups are in the best quality and moreover they have a special surface treatment, thanks to what will be your sofa also be able to include the washable sofas. In addition, these materials are also very durable. We have labeled them by this symbol

The Exclusive VIP material, you can find only in PHASE stores and they are made exclusive only for this one vendor. In others, competing stores, you will not find them. These materials are unique and designed for exceptional homes. We recommend to see them personally at the Phase stores.

Standard quality
Medium quality
High quality
5-year warranty
Recommended! EMOTION
Soft leather
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