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Money Back Guarantee

„Our goal is not to sell products at any cost, but a satisfied customer. We’d rather not have any customer than a dissatisfied one…“

Martin Duras, managing director of PHASE

If the sofa does not meet your expectations, we will refund you the money!

Do you ask how it is possible? Read on to learn more:

You certainly have these questions when choosing a sofa:

  • From which company or what brand of sofa should I buy?
  • Shout I rather buy a cheaper or more expensive one?
  • Will the company which I choose disappoint me?
  • What if I fell for their promises?
  • What if I choose a colour of cover that will not suit me?
  • How will the company treat me when I report a claim?

You certainly know the replies well. Most companies are particularly interested in your money. And no one cares about what happens after you get the sofa.

If you are buying a PHASE sofa, you are buying certainty and pleasure from the beautiful sofa without any worries. In addition, you have the possibility to extend the warranty to 5 years, and as a further proof of quality, we decided to introduce „Money Back Guarantee within 3 days of the delivery!“

If the PHASE sofa does not meet your expectations, we commit ourselves that we will take it back and we will return you the money! Without giving a reason. Totally above standard and beyond the framework of legislation.


Terms & Conditions of Refund Policy

Form for refund


For further questions or detailed informations, please contact the toll-free number: 0800 500 021

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