Quality award


Commission of experts Brand Council Program Superbrands Slovakia awarded the prize Superbrands Award 2016 to our brand. This award testifies to the fact, that the brand PHASE can serve as an example for those participants in the Slovak market, which in future would like to develop, learn and dynamically improved in establishing its brand image.

Superbrands Award, which highlight the best national brands is based on professional criteria,it is the proof of positive feedback for our brand. The Commission of Brand Council, which decides about the granting of this prize is made up of recognized experts and their judgment as well as the results of a survey of slovak consumers confirms the success of our brand. Trademarks are nominated solely on the basis of professional criteria, and the companies can not apply for such recognition.

We believe that the award Superbrand Slovakia 2016 is the assurance of the quality of our products for our customers and also the encouragement in their decision when choosing the sofa.


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