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Sedačky Phase v televízii

Sofas PHASE on TV

TV shows “Rady Ptáka Loskutáka” and “Jak se staví sen” bring you new ideas and trends in interior design. Modern Phase sofas are therefore a part of them.

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Photos and reviews from our customers

Our sofas have found their home with hundreds of satisfied customers. Photos and positive references that keep coming serve as evidence. Be inspired by various models of sofas in different versions, materials, and colours.

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Skladové sedačky v akcii

Special offers

Here, you will find sofas which are stored at our warehouse. Sofas are on sale, since they come from cancelled orders, guarantee to return the goods, or claimed goods that have been repaired.

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5-year warranty

New in our offer are special materials EMOTION and ENDURANCE with Easy Care treatment, which enables easy cleaning and maintenance. These materials are the utmost quality, therefore we provide a 5-year warranty on them.

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Quality award

Repeatedly, we have been awarded a Superbrands award in the category “Furniture in Slovakia”. The award underlines the best national brands based on professional criteria and represents a positive feedback for us, and also for you.

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